About Polydesign

Polydesign Systems S.A.R.L.
European and Asian Production Facility Future European HQ for Sales, R&D, Engineering, Logistics and Program Management

Established: April 2001
Capacity: 18 million nets
Phase I: 7400 m² covered building
- Capacity of 1,200 employees
- 3 shifts; 7,488 hours/year
Extension Phase II of additional 11,000m² planned, giving over 18,000 m² of production and administration space
- Capacity of 3,000 employees

Mission and Vision

To be global market leader by providing innovative solutions through product development for interior parts (cut & sew and injection molding) of the finest quality to the world automotive industry.
To build a profitable company known for its integrity, based on the goals of long-term growth and profitability for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and community.
To create a positive work environment for our employees – the source of our growth – which promotes job satisfaction, personal growth, and an opportunity to share in the prosperity of the company.
To be recognized as a world-class manufacturer through excellence in quality, service and cost, by seeking and rewarding excellence in performance.
We will endeavour to be sensitive to public attitudes and social concerns in the workplace, the community and the environment.


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