Environmental Policy

Polydesign Systems’ implementation of the Environmental Management System under the norm of ISO 14001 comes from its long-term strategy as an environmentally oriented enterprise and its awareness of the socio-economic constraints.

Polydesign Systems is determined to meticulously evaluate the impact of its activities, functions, products, and services on the environment, and minimize the effects by setting environmentally sound strategic goals and objectives.

In fact, Polydesign Systems’ management is concerned about the achievement of these objectives through continuous implementation of its Environmental Management System:

Polydesign Systems completely adheres to the legal environmental requirements.
Polydesign Systems encourages both internal and external players to take part actively and effectively in its environmental approach.
Polydesign Systems, via its strategic thinking, enhances the establishment of an environmentally sound culture inside the organization in order to optimize the use of resources and to minimize pollution.
Polydesign Systems’ management encourages the reduction, re-use, and recycling of waste and its packaging.
Polydesign Systems communicates with all the players involved in its environmental performance.

Thus, Polydesign Systems ensures, under the continuous improvement of its Environmental Management System, that its environmental goals and objectives are periodically revised and re-evaluated. Moreover, it guarantees that its environmental policy is well communicated to its personnel and made accessible to the public.

Julianne FURMAN
Directeur Général


ISO TS 16949
ISO 14001
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