Separation and Barrier Nets

Separation nets are used when no minimum loading specification for the net is applicable.
Barrier nets are specifically designed to surpass minimum-load requirements during the impact of a crash.
Segments passenger compartment to restrict cargo from entering passenger seating areas.
Installs in under two minutes and is removable when there is no cargo.

Feature Benefits:
In a wagon, van, or SUV, the net separates cargo from passengers while still permitting unhindered vision.
In a sedan or coupe, an envelope of mesh may be added for storage of items in the trunk area.

For barrier nets, loading specifications are stated and specific for the assembly and all associated attachments.
Loading specifications are derived from impact specifications including:
- Rate of speed
- Weight of load
- Placement of load
- Duration of impact
- Deflection of barrier during impact event

Made to withstand the forces generated during high G-force crash conditions.
Attachment loading of mounting areas must be addressed – plastic anchors are insufficient.


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